Our way of success

We have developed a software that places bets all arround the world on single sporting events in an intelligent and unique way.

The odds offered are compared with each other, that by betting with hundreds of bookmakers, our software ensures that at the end always a win is created.

We lose and win every day, but in the end is more won than lost. This guarantees our software!

Here is an example:

Arsenal plays against Manchester United

Thanks to our software, we put our betting slips so that it does not matter who wins. We always end up a winner.

"Earn money every week, guaranteed!"

Our offer to you:
1% to 4% per week, guaranteed!

We are here to make it easy for you!

You can purchase so-called shares with us. The purchase price per share amounts to 50, - € and it can be conveniently ordered online here and you can pay via your bank account.

Your shares in our business you have in the form of a shareholder loan, which means, for the contract period you own a part of our company and you get a share of the profits .

These are the conditions of participation:

  1. Click the button that says REGISTER NOW
    • You will be redirected.
    • Now in this order page and payment page you need to choose.

  2. Please select how much you want to invest and how you want to pay.
    • You must purchase at least one share.
    • Each share costs 50, - € . A share also has the value of 50, - € . The purchase of shares is free of charges
    • There is no limit when it comes to the purchase of shares. Should shares worth more than 10.000, - € be purchased, a special verification is required

  3. You hold your shares for a total of 14 weeks
    • In the first 2 weeks, no interest will be paid
    • This period is necessary to provide the capital. For this purpose, the money must be transferred to different accounts. Only then it is possible to place bets in betting offices worldwide. Even if the betting is carried out centrally via the Internet, money must be provided regionally.
    • You get access to an internal online area (BackOffice) , in which you can follow the development of your shares at any time.

  4. Per week you get a guaranteed return in the amount of 1% up to 4% .
    • The amount of the returns depends on the ratio of the respective quotas.
    • Therefore, the week results vary widely. A basic interest rate of 1% per week is therefore guaranteed.
    • In your back office, you can track in real time the current earnings. Also, the current market value of your shares is displayed.
    • Theoretically resulting losses are taken over by eVisionTeam. Since we started, there was no week in a loss. But that is no guarantee of future results. Therefore guarantees eVisionTeam at least 1 percent weekly gain.

  5. After expiry of the contract period of 14 weeks your investment and your earned istret is automatically transferred back to your selected account.
    • Both your investment, as well as your returns achieved can not be automatically converted into a new share.
    • After the transaction is complete finished, you can of course re-purchase shares.
    • You can always purchase additional shares. It should be noted that all of the shares purchased within a calendar week, are summarized.
    • Should you have any further questions, please contact our support before purchasing shares.
    • Also keep in mind that this is an investment in a business. Every business is subject to risks. Although we believe that due to our unique software, a loss is not possible, you only invest funds that do not jeopardize your existence. A theoretical loss is possible

  • real
  • of the last weeks


    • Current Result: 4%

      16. Calendar Week

      Betting period

      Monday the 16.04.18 to Sunday the  22.04.18

    • 4%

      15. Calendar Week

      Betting period

      Monday the 09.04.18 to Sunday the  15.04.18

    • 4%

      14. Calendar Week

      Betting period

      Monday the 02.04.18 to Sunday the  08.04.18

    • 4%

      13. Calendar Week

      Betting period

      Monday the 26.03.18 to Sunday the  01.04.18

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    it is High Time,
    to become active!

    In our days it is hard to find a serious and lucrative business oportunity, if you want, that your money earns

    Everyone knows, however, that a fortune can be built only when exactly this happens.

    Money needs to work! With normal working no one has become rich

    We can offer you something you better not miss.

    Order your own shares now and become part of a success story


    You have any questions? Write us, we are happy to help!

    Our support team is at your disposal to answer any questions you have.

    Please have a little patience until we can answer your request.